Due to high volume, servicing turnaround times may be slightly delayed. P2RS (Hybrid) servicing should still be made by appointment only. Thank you for your patience!
Upgrade your Jacket

We've upgraded our Jackets and so should you

We’ve continued improving our air vests based on new technology, rider feedback and our general desire to make things better.

Because you are already a customer, we would like to extend an offer to upgrade to one of our newest air vests. We will “buy back” your current air vest and give you a deep discount on a brand new Point Two Air Vest of your choosing. If you would like to have the latest and the greatest, we’ve got your back. And your front, and your sides for that matter. This offer is good for our ProAir, Hunter, Softshell and P2RS models. NOTE: there are no returns on upgraded vests. Once we receive your vest, we destroy it. So, technically, there's nothing to return, except a brand new, upgraded vest.

The newest features of our airbag trigger system includes:

Simplified canister connecting system. A bayonet style connector makes it easier and faster to change your canister and reduces the risk of improper installation.

Simplified way to secure the trigger system end cap. This comes with an allen key that is stored right on the trigger system to help tighten it.

Vests now have a foam pad behind the trigger for an even, comfortable fit.

Adjustable straps on both sides of the buckles for a more customizable fit. (ProAir only)

New pleated neck for better inflation action. (ProAir & Hunter only)

New neoprene collar for additional comfort. (ProAir & Hunter only)

20% faster inflation rate - Point Two Air Vests now inflate between 60 and 80 milliseconds. Faster inflation means faster protection from impact.

Lifetime warranty on the airbag component. (subject to annual service)

Each air vest comes with a new saddle attachment & bungee lanyard.

Meets all high-level safety standards. (EN 13158: 2009 and SATRA M38)

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I literally owe my life!

I literally owe my life to Point Two Air Jackets. I had a horrific fall in 2013 and doctors said my air jacket saved my life! I can’t recommend them enough!
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Laura Collett
Cutting edge

I like to utilize all of the cutting edge technology when I go cross-country," said Karen O'Connor. "I can't even imagine anymore going cross-country without my Point Two vest; I just love it.

Karen O'Connor
Eventing Confidence

For me Eventing is all about confidence and when I have my Point Two on I feel like I can be thrown out of an airplane and be okay.

Sharon White
I feel safe!

The P2-RS is comfortable and much more convenient than using an air jacket and body protector separately. I feel safe in a Point Two

Oli Townend
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Our jackets save lives on a daily basis. Check out some of the videos we have, where our jackets have prevented serious injury!