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ProAir Refurbished
ProAir Refurbished
ProAir Refurbished
ProAir Refurbished Video
ProAir Refurbished

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ALL INCLUDED: Our Jackets comes with a Lanyard and two free canisters! Everything you need to get started.

Selected Colour: Black
Adult WideMLXL

All our jackets come with a lifetime guarantee when serviced yearly

ProAir Refurbished

Our refurbished and demo ProAir vests are every bit as safe as our brand new ones. How so, you ask? Well, every vest that gets returned for an upgrade or has been retired from demonstration duties gets the outer shell professionally cleaned and the inner airbag system replaced. This turns a previously loved vest into a currently awesome vest.

These air vests are still certified with SATRA M38 just like all of our new vests. See our safety page for more information on certification.

NOTE: The ProAir is not designed to be used on a western saddle. The bottom buckle on the vest may get caught on the horn during a fall. Obviously, that would be bad. What's better is our Hunter vest is designed with a zipper closure and works perfect with a western saddle. Problem solved!

ONE MORE NOTE: This product is NOT eligible for discounts.

What's Included
  • Free US Delivery over $90
  • Free Lanyard
  • Free Saddle Attachment
  • 2 X Free Canister
  • Lifetime Guarantee with regular servicing
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I literally owe my life!

I literally owe my life to Point Two Air Jackets. I had a horrific fall in 2013 and doctors said my air jacket saved my life! I can’t recommend them enough!
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Laura Collett
Cutting edge

I like to utilize all of the cutting edge technology when I go cross-country," said Karen O'Connor. "I can't even imagine anymore going cross-country without my Point Two vest; I just love it.

Karen O'Connor
Eventing Confidence

For me Eventing is all about confidence and when I have my Point Two on I feel like I can be thrown out of an airplane and be okay.

Sharon White
I feel safe!

The P2-RS is comfortable and much more convenient than using an air jacket and body protector separately. I feel safe in a Point Two

Oli Townend
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Our jackets save lives on a daily basis. Check out some of the videos we have, where our jackets have prevented serious injury!