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We have a vest for everyone. Seriously, every single person should own a vest.

Whether you Event, Hunt or ride trails, we have the perfect vest for you. Increase your safety level and increase your fun level too. Do us a favor, if you know someone who doesn't ride in one, give them a good lecture, then send them here. We're positive we have a vest that's perfect for them and their fun level too.

The ProAir is a lightweight and durable choice for Eventing, Polo, Schooling, and Trail riding. All in the same day, if you’re also durable enough.

Because of it’s light weight and incredible durability, the ProAir is our most popular air vest. Once you put it on you’ll forget you are wearing it, until you come off. Then you will remember exactly why you are wearing it.

Get enough air to spare.

Always carry a spare canister or even two. The beauty of our air vests and jackets is that they are reusable immediately after deflation and installation of a new canister. Just install a new canister and continue riding with confidence.

More saddles, more straps.

If you have more than one horse, it’s safe to say you have more than one saddle. Get a saddle strap for each saddle so that you’re never trying to remember to switch it between rides.

Optimize your size.

Most people will use the lanyard your vest comes with. But if you prefer a little more “wiggle” room, you may want to try a larger size.

ProAir Child has all of the same quality and safety features as the ProAir. Just smaller.

Built exactly like the ProAir for adults in durability and lightweight features, the ProAir Child will protect children so they can keep riding until they are big enough for an adult sized ProAir.

It should be noted that children must weigh at least 5 stone/70 pounds to utilize this vest.

Our SoftShell air vest looks like any other softshell jacket, EXCEPT it’s unlike any other softshell jacket.

The SoftShell is truly an all-day vest. Wear it around the paddock for incredible comfort and then wear it into the ring or on the trail for optimum safety. Then keep it on for night check. Guess that technically makes it an all day and all night vest.

The Hunter has a cleaner look than the ProAir, with all the same protection for when things get dirty.

Looking sharp is just part of the hunt experience. We designed the Hunter with a zipper closure to enhance the silhouette. This way you can Hunt more safely and still look distinguished while doing it.

The P2RS is the perfect marriage of a typical foam body protector and the optimal protection of an inflatable safety air vest - a very happy marriage we might add.

The P2RS is the choice for those who want it all. Or, at least, all-in-one. This Hybrid combines a body protector and air vest in one piece of safety equipment instead of two. “All-in-one and one for all.” We’re pretty sure that’s the saying ... give or take.

This body protector meets the highest European and Beta Level 3 certification standards. But, we designed it that way so it would meet ours.

A body protector works best when paired with an air vest. That being said, either way you decide to gear up, this vest will give you comfort, protection, and best of all, peace of mind.

NOTE: This body protector is currently only available in the United States and Canada.

We partner with RaceSafe because their body protector is breathable. And, because it passes European and Beta Level 3 certification – it makes us breathe easier too.

The RaceSafe ProVent 3.0 is lightweight, flexible, and breathable. Paired with our air vests and air jackets, you have all of the best protection available. And, that makes you a whole new level of cool. Double entendré. Check.

Champion Titanium Ti22 Body Protector
Champion Titanium Ti22 Body Protector

A Beta Level 3 body protector that makes safety even cooler.

We think it's cool to be safe. This body protector proves it. It's Beta Level 3 certified and has SegTek construction to make it flexible and cool. That, in turn, makes you cool. In more ways than one!

Pair it with one of our air vests for the highest level of protection available.

NOTE: This body protector is currently only available in the UK.

A back-up for your back.

Our air vests don't come with back protectors because most event organizers don't permit them. However, if you like to go trail riding or hacking, we suggest you add a back protector to your vest. With EN1621/2 Level 2 certification and all of the latest armor technology, this back protector will give you added protection whether you've had a fall or not.

We like to promote safety all the way down to your toes.

Well, technically, your boots are what protect your toes, but these stirrups are the connection between your boots and your horse. At least, until you come off.

We care about your horse as much as you!

That is why we have partnered with another industry-leading manufacturer of equine safety products. But, these products are for your horse, not you. KM Elite makes high-quality boots and fly veils that keep your horse safer and more comfortable whether your just turning out, showing or eventing.

KM Elite London Tan Headcollar

Lead with a leader in leading.

The KM Elite headcollar gives your horse a great-big-face-hug because it's adjustable on both sides for a perfect fit. And, everyone knows a comfortable horse is easier to control and a controlled horse is the easiest way to have a safer paddock.

KM Elite London Tan Headcollar Features

These boots weren't made for walking.

If you're eventing, your horse is rarely just doddling about. He isn't thinking about placing his feet carefully, he's just thinking about placing a ribbon on his stall later. So, to avoid any injuries while he's taking care of you, take care of him with the leg protection to help him keep his eye on the prize.

Hind legs need love too.

The boots have every bit of industry-leading technology the matching front boots have. Well, except for the ergonomic shape for front legs, these are shaped for hind legs. Please don't confuse them. That would be awkward.

Hybrid: the best of both worlds.

They are called Hybrid because they have more than just one incredible feature for more than just one exciting usage. Combine the breathability, abrasion resistance, flexibility and protection with the fact that you could use them for Eventing, Dressage, Polo, Schooling and Hacking and now you see why they're a good boot to have in the tack room.

KM Elite Fly Veil

Get your horse some attention while keeping its attention.

Protect your horse's ears from insects because it's far better to have your horse listening to you instead of a bunch of annoying flies and gnats. But be prepared for all of the oohs and aahs from the crowd admiring your highfalutin equine fashion statement.

Point Two AIr Vest Gift Card
Point Two Air Vest Gift Card

A gift that says you really do care.

Perhaps this gift card will buy a Point Two Air Vest. The best gift of all since it's the gift that keeps on giving. Every time a rider gets on their horse with it, they get the gift of confidence. And, if it actually gets used, they just put in a new canister do it all over again...and again.

The safest thing to keep between you and the ground is air.

Any seasoned rider will tell you that you’re not a true rider if you’ve never come off your horse. The majority will then tell you how important it is to wear the correct protection. A helmet and body protector are obvious, of course. But, those who have worn an air vest will immediately say something like “my air vest saved my life”. This is why we do what we do. “My air vest saved my life” is the very phrase that encourages Point Two to continue innovating industry-leading air vests and air jackets.

We have consistently redefined the level of protection by decreasing inflation time and increasing coverage. There are no gaps or separate chambers in our air bags. That’s one reason they inflate faster than others. .080 seconds, to be exact! We’re so dedicated to improvement that we’ve surpassed our own name. .2 (Point Two) used to be the industry-leading inflation time. Not anymore. We won’t be changing our name to “Point Zero Eight Zero” though. It just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well.

Point Two air vests inflate using a large CO2 canister in the front of the jacket (larger than most competitors). When a rider falls from the saddle, a lanyard attached to the rider and the saddle separates and triggers the CO2 to deploy. The airbag inflates in less than one tenth of a second — roughly equivalent to the blink of an eye. The air vest then holds the rider tight for 15-20 seconds before slowly deflating over 2-3 minutes. While the air vest is inflated, the rider continues to have full movement of their waist, arms and legs, and partial movement of their head. That makes it easier to dust yourself off and try again.