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Our entire business is built around you.

Literally! Our air vests have been designed and refined to inflate faster and feel more comfortable for every rider that wears one. Our first vests were industry leading and that was great. But through rider testing and feedback, we continue to improve our air vests. We have decreased inflation speeds and increased protection with the largest coverage area possible, but that doesn’t mean we go to sleep at night feeling like our job is done. The bags under our eyes are marks of commitment and we’re OK with that.

We have offices in both the UK and the US. This means we can be sure all of our products are made to our quality standards and it also means we can support you quickly no matter where you are in the world. Even if you live on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic. We've done it. Hello, Azores.

Our entire business is built around us too.

We are riders too, and like you, we want to ride knowing that if we fall, there’s a far better chance that we will get up smiling.